PPB and Jelly Wagon Wheel!

PREP: 10 Minutes

COOK: 15 Minutes

WAIT: 1 Hour





The classic Wagon Wheel with a Twist!

Original recipe: Liftus Fitness


Bottom Layer: 25g hazelnut 75g oats 10ml almond milk 10ml vanilla syrup 25g vanilla protein

Middle Layer: 50g raspberry jam 15g vanilla protein 10ml high fibre powder 5ml blueberry syrup Top Layer: 150g Greek yoghurt or quark 25g vanilla protein 10ml almond milk 10g PPB original


1. Pre-heat the oven to 150c. 2. Line the baking tray with tin foil. 3. For the bottom layer blend all ingredients together and add to baking tray. 4. Smooth with back of spoon so it’s smooth. 5. Add to oven for 15 minutes till cooked through. 6. Remove from oven and let cool. 7. For the middle layer stir together both the jam, vanilla protein, high fibre powder and 5ml blueberry syrup. 8. Add this layer on top of the bottom layer. 9. Finally for the top layer mix all the ingredients to form a firm yoghurt layer! 10. Store in the freezer to set. 11. Chop up and serve. 12. (Keep in freezer when sliced and remove and let warm slightly for 5 minutes when ready to eat).



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