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PPB Protein Caramel Banana Crunch

PPB Protein Caramel Banana Crunch

PREP: 25 Minutes


WAIT: 30 Minutes





No one will know this is a healthy desert it is so tasty!

Original recipe: MedicinalKitchen

Makes 4 Puddings


2 tsp PPB Original Caramel flavour protein powder 2 tsp Coconut oil 1 tin of reduced fat coconut milk Handful Cashew nuts Handful banana chips Chocolate dip for the topping


1. To make your base layer you will need to put a handful of banana chips and a handful of cashew nuts into a food processor or blender. 2. You don’t want it to be too powdered. You are trying to create a chunky crunchy base akin to a biscuit. 3. To your rough mix add 2 dessert spoons of melted coconut oil. (I measured the coconut oil before melting it.) 4. Mix it thoroughly together and then press equal amounts into the bottom of each of your 4 serving vessels. Place them into your freezer to set whilst you make the middle layer. 5. For your “mousse” layer empty your tin of coconut milk, 2 teaspoons of PPB original, and a full serve of caramel vegan protein. 6. Mix thoroughly until it starts to thicken. The PPB is a natural thickener so it will help the mix to set. 7. Again spoon the mix onto of your base in equal amounts and place back into the freezer. Take them out after 30mins as you don’t want the puddings to freeze, just to set. 8. The final touch topping is the chocolate dip. Spoon the dip into a bowl first and whisk until it starts to make a paste instead of its original state. 9. Spread a couple of teaspoons worth onto the top of each dessert, then place a banana chip as your little garnish. Pop in the fridge until your ready to eat them. 10. They will keep for a good length of time, and will last fairly well for a couple of hours out of the fridge for example if you want to take them on a picnic.



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